«BERUNIY TEXTILE INVEST»  was founded in 2009. At the moment it is one of the most dynamically developing companies. The factory occupies 7,797 hectares with a total production area of ​​22,500 square meters part also under reconstruction is 6500 sq.m. area. Astera Textile, has more than 170 workers.

The factory is equipped with machinery and equipment from the world's leading manufacturers of machine tools TRUTZCHLER, SHLAFHORST SAURER, RIETER. The products are: 100% cotton / cotton yarn, carded, pneumospinning Ne 12/1, Ne 20/1 Ne 30/1, Ne 32/1. Moshnost 350 tons per month. In manufacture the 1 and 2 varieties of cotton.

As for plant expansion and completion of the installation of equipment for spinning advanced Swiss technology RIETER, will be ring spinning carded yarn, the annual output, which amounted to 5,000 tons.

Products are exported to many countries such as Russia, Turkey, China, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and others.

Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan, of Beruni.



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